Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why Lent?

Here is poem that I wrote this morning while attmepting to write a sermon.  Certainly, it became my sermon.

Why Lent? 

Why gather this night to begin?

From where have we come?

To where goes our sin?


These are the questions

within soul and community,

and from without ...

from the world, in all sincerity.


Why Lent?

Why gather to be ashened and blamed?

Why come together

To be left in our shame?


These are the feeling

with which we leave

repenting, reflecting

what is it I believe?


Together, we remember

We are not god

Together, we remember

We come from sod


Remember, you are dust,

And to dust you return

Ashes from this Wednesday

Are from which we will learn


God is the one

who breathed life into us

God is the one

in whom we shall trust


Why Lent?

Why reflect on the lives we are given?

Why take the time

When our time is so slim, and


Why?   because God

That’s right, Gods the One

God is the One who

has given God’s Son


To save us from dust

The dust we become

To give us new breath

When earth life is done


We gather this day

to be saved from ourselves

We gather this day

to put sin on the shelves


To listen to God

to sit, and to pray

To recognize our lives

but frail, in dismay


This story begins

With reflection, our sin

To the God who will love us

From without and within


Why Lent?

Why time to reflect and to wonder?

Because God.  Because Jesus.

Because we surrender.


Surrender to God

Whats out of control

Give it to God

Who gives peace to our soul


For we are dust

And to dust we return

The end of the story

We have yet to learn


God is our maker

Our creator, our breath

God is our Savior

And puts dying, to death


So we gather this night

To be ashened and claimed

To remember God’s story

In death, God remains


In life, and in death

We all are One,

One in the love of

God’s only Son

by Brenda L. Froisland.  Permission to use with appropriate credit.